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​height 40cm | width 36cm | depth 25cm | weight 7kg
Sound gets more open, natural and homogenous. The design connects joy in listening and aesthetics. The MK II is made for the advanced listener.


height 20cm | width 18cm | depth 15cm | weight 1.2kg
Our INITIUM follows the same procedure as itslarge brother, the MK II. Due to its smaller size andlower price, the INITIUM offers an ideal introduction to the world of PMRs. …


height 2,4cm | diameter top 8,9cm – bottom 4,4cm | weight 230g
The PMR LP ONE is a special vinyl record weight & resonator, following the same properties as our big PMRs, which can be used alone or as a complement to its big brothers. …


Principle of operation and effects on the listening experience.

The Passive Multivocal Resonator (PMR) is a system which is highly vibratory, comprehending a broad spectrum of audio frequencies. It is designed to guarantee a genuine reproduction of sounds and music.

Sometimes even high quality stereo systems are not able to fully reproduce music with all its vibes and liveliness. This leads to a listening experience which can hardly be called natural as it is merely a –somewhat soulless- copy of the musical information on a disc or LP. The problem of this lack of authenticity could be compared to a pixelated digital version of a master’s painting.

It is mainly the overtones which disappear when music is being recorded and reproduced the usual way. The loss of these overtones can not be fully compensated, even by installing expensive equipment or by modifying the stereo system’s acoustical environment.

This is where the PMR comes in: It is an acoustical instrument making it possible to complete the tonal spectrum of a piece of music by reflecting the important overtones. Friends of music from all over the world will be happy to discover a truly colourful and fine-tuned sound picture comprehending every single frequency of an instrument or voice. When listening to his favourite CDs/LPs, the PMR-user will recognise a more natural sounding record and it seems as if the music has got more space. Different voices, instruments and sounds in general are more distinguishable from each other. The PMR creates a deeply emotional listening experience.